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Katy Rickman

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About Me

Best Health and Wellness Professional in Redondo Beach

Are you worried about getting in shape? Katy Rickman provides personal training services that can get your body into shape without a fuss. I'm located right here in Redondo Beach, and I can help get you a fit body and meet your health goals. Regardless of your fitness goals, I assure you that you will get maximum results with my personalized programs. Contact me today through our booking form to book your Detox or your weekly program.

Experienced Trainer

I have many years of experience in personal training and have worked with a wide range of athletes to help them hit their fitness targets. Rest assured, I have the skills to mix up your training regime and help to achieve your goals you whilst have fun – no matter if you're training for an athletic milestone like a marathon or just want to get in shape for a beachside holiday. My main goal is helping you achieve not only your true physical p... Read more

Personalized Services

I recognize that training needs are individual – that’s why I offer dedicated and personalized programs to help you achieve your goals. My weekly consultations will help you tell me about how you feel with your progress and we can continue working on your goals. To accompany the regular exercise sessions, I’ll also design you a specialized nutrition plan, to maximize your training results.

The Coaching Method

How It Works
Nutrigenomics DNA Nutrition and Movement

Nutrition Coaching isn’t the same thing for everyone. A well designed nutrition plan is going to take into account your total health and not just your... Learn more

Lifestyle Analysis

Together we’ll look at six lifestyle factors to plot the most efficient course from where you are now to where you want to be!

... Learn more

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